Taking A Break

Hey there everyone, this is my first blog post on this new platform but how’s everyone doing? I just wanted to come here to talk about me being gone for a while from the internet and all this development and client work.

So as many of you may know, I am a school going student and I am currently in 11th grade, I will be going to have like constant tests and exams starting, well not even starting, they never ended in the first place, but yeah, I will be having them till early March or the starting of March you can say. I know it sounds hectic and it really is, it’s very stressful and thus it’s causing me to not get time to work on my projects such as TheSocialCounter.com, PenguBot.com, TechApparatus.com etc. as well as work for my clients who want websites or graphics made and it really kills me from inside but only about a year and 2 months are left of school at the time of posting this and you know, it’s not too bad, at least I won’t have to worry about school anymore haha.

I also wanted to talk about the recent events such as the repeal of Net Neautrality, it really is a very bad thing that it got repealed by a 3-2 vote but there is still hope, contact your local congressmen to make sure they don’t allow net neautrality to be repealed in the veto which will be happening in about 27 days from the time of posting this post. You can find more information about how to do so at BattleForTheNet. Oh and I hope it doesn’t have any impact on other countries who like to copy America, Net Neautrality is very important for the whole world.

I wish eveeryone of you happy holidays and a Merry Christmas in advance, have a good one everyone and stay safe. Also Smile More and Stay Positive. Much love guys, peace.

Edit: I will still be around on my social media and Discord but not as active as I used to be.

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Written on December 16, 2017